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Neue Tripoli Jacken

Just arrived a mail from Bruce Kelly (President of Tripoli) for a rocketeer christmas present:

I have had many requests to bring back the Tripoli jackets we sold about 10 years ago. Well, they are back! These new ones are several steps above the old ones. The old ones had very light lining made of fleece. The new ones are heavier with a quilted lining. The new ones also have the large TRA logo on the back several inches wide.

In addition to this, there is a TRA logo on the front (left pocket position). And on the right we have the option of putting you name and TRA number on. All custom embroidered.

I ordered two jackets to display at RocStock, but due to a FedEx snafu, only one arrived - the HPR jacket. The TRA jacket arrived at my home when I did. In my opinion, it looks much better than the HPR jacket.

And I had several people order the TRA jacket sight-unseen based on the quality of the HPR jacket. The TRA jackets are black only (for right now) an come in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The TRA logos have the white lettering and border, with "TRIPOLI" being in that turquoise blue. These sell for $119.00 which includes postage anywhere in the world.

I am taking orders right now. All orders received before the end of the month will be delivered by the Christmas holidays (so I'm told). If you want one, let me know. Your size? These jackets size differently than t-shirts and similar items. If you normally wear a small, order the medium. If you normally order XL, order XXL.