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Ariane 4 - LDRS 2001

The Ariane 4 didn't fly at LDRS XX !

Unfortunately the Ariane 4 didn't fly at LDRS. We ran into severe problems with finding a launcher that would fit the Ariane.

Initially our plan was to use John Cokers Unistrut launcher. John had generously offered to lend us his launcher and had sent us rail guides, pictures and technical data on it.

Although we had the exact dimensions we failed to verify the fit at home and only at LDRS discovered that the 3" reinforcement on the back of John's rail would not fit between the boosters, motor fairings and many fins of the Ariane.

It turned out that none of the launchers available at LDRS was capable to provide enough guidance and in the same time handle the Ariane without the risk of interfering with the rocket.

Additional problems with the on-board electronics would not allow us to spend the time required to sort out the launcher problem by building our own rail. We therefore decided on Sunday morning against trying to launch the rocket despite the potential problems.

The Ariane has returned back home to Switzerland where we will sort out the remaining issues.

Juerg / Team Ariane

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