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... etc) are not permitted for certification flights. If the rocket is using dual deployment, the first event recovery may be via drogue-less or streamer as long as the main or second event uses a sta ...
2. Fallschirme falten
... stelle ich die einzelnen Materialen vor (von links nach rechts: Pilotschirm (hier ein Aerotech 24" Parachute) Nachgebauter Deploymentbag (original RocketMan) aus feuerhemmenden ...
4. G-WIZ Flight Computer
... 3.5 mA 3.5 mA Pyro Channel Firing Time 1. Stage/Cluster 2. Apogee parachute deployment 1. Stage/Cluster  ...
5. RRC2 by Missile Works
...  300' AGL (switch selectable) Standard 2 stage apogee/AGL recovery or redundant apogee deployment (switch selectable) User programmable mach flight inhibit timer ...
6. Transolve
... Safety Timer on channel one insures apogee deployment. After channel one fires, a timer is started, counting in five-second increments to the delay time selected, and  ...
7. Perfectflite Altimeter
8. Ariane 4 - Launch 2002 - LDRS
9. Talon 3
... covery wird mit dem RDAS Altimeter von AED mit einem Drogue- (Rockeman R4) und Main-Fallschirm (Rocketman R7) mit einem Dual Deployment realisiert. Ein kleiner Pilotfallsch ...
10. Terrapin