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CU there !

Diejenigen von Euch welche das HPR Magazin abonniert haben, werden sich wundern wo die diesjährigen Ausgaben bleiben. Nachfolgend eine Erklärung:

HPR Magazine Next Issue


Magazine and CAR Update


Thu, 13 Apr 2000 03:44:49 -0400



To All Prefects

RE Next Issue, CAR Update
13 April 2000


As many of you know, Tripoli has been busy with ATF, FAA and insurance issues. When the dust settled on the insurance problem, I turned on the "publishing computer" to find I (or the computer) suffered a severe hard drive crash - the first I have ever experienced. It was a physical crash, not software related.

Fortunately, the almost complete magazine was preserved - due to some good partitioning.

It took a month to get back up and running. The new hard drive, the warranty replacement, was also found to be bad out of the box! The new OS did not except all of my old drivers. My typesetter, for example, did not have drivers available until about 2 weeks ago. My scanner is good, but old. The manufacturer said they would not be updating drivers for that model. So I bought a much better scanner last week. I received the new drivers for that model just this afternoon.

Here is the part I need your help with. I did loose some of my new ad files. If any of you sent me updates on your launch ads electronically, please forward them to me again. The same goes for any magazine articles sent by you or other members of your Prefecture. I'll be out of town until Sunday afternoon, so I will not need them until early next week. Send me anything you sent me since the first of January.

I do have the new LDRS ad, but I'm not sure about the rest. Also, if any of you are sending hard copy *updates*, I can accept those as late as next Thursday.

I appreciate very much your understanding and patience. Not one of you called or e-mailed whining about my being so late. Thank you very much.

I will have the next issue out (hopefully) in about three weeks.