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Rocketry in the Swiss Alps
Mark Canepa (er machte gerade zufällig Ferien in der Schweiz), der Author vom Buch "Modern High Power Rocketry" hat einen ARGOS Newsletter (PDF, 890 KB) vom 28. Mai 2005 erstellt.

Mark: "Extreme Rocketry Magazine has accepted the story and wants to publish it immediately... it will run in the next issue or so -- I had to overnight the photos to him yesterday... I'll let you know when it is out... I hope I didn't make any errors !"

Update 28.06.2005 from Mark: "I am very pleased to report that I just received the August issue of Extreme Rocketry magazine and the main story -- and the cover -- is devoted to the Swiss launch ! The layout by ER is terrific and I think you and your fellow ARGOS members are really going to like it. I know I am very pleased. Several big full color shots. And thanks again for the good time. Mark Canepa"

Die Titelstory und das Umschlagbild vom Extreme Rocketry Magazin enthält also unseren Launch vom 28. Mai 2005. Schaut mal rein !